The majority of sore throats are viral and will clear themselves in about 3-7 days. The throat feels raw and the patient can feel pain on swallowing and have tender glands. They are often associated with other symptoms of a cold and the symptoms can generally be treated with over the counter medicines from Mulligans Pharmacy. Sore throats can be treated with mouthwashes/gargles, sprays, lozenges or pastilles. These medications act by relieving the symptoms until the sore throat has run its course.

Antiseptics and Antibacterials are contained in certain lozenges and sprays and are useful against bacterial infections.
Anti-inflammatories are available as a spray, mouthwash or lozenge and help reduce pain and inflammation in conditions of the mouth and throat. Local stinging may be experienced. Anti-inflammatories are unsuitable for patients with stomach ulcers, patients who are pregnant, or for children under 12. Advice from a doctor or pharmacist should be sought in these cases.
Local Anaesthetics work by numbing the throat thereby relieving the pain. They should be avoided by patients who are pregnant.
Analgesics e.g. Paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin can help relieve pain associated with sore throats. . More info on analgesics can be found under Aches and Pains.
Visit your pharmacist or doctor:
  • If the sore throat has lasted longer than one week
  • If you have a skin rash
  • If you experience recurring sore throats
  • If there are white spots on the throat, high fever and swollen glands
  • If you are asthmatic
  • If you have severe difficulty swallowing
  • Hoarseness lasting longer than two weeks
  • Swollen lymph glands on the neck and under the arms, fever or fatigue. This could potentially indicate Glandular Fever.
  • If you are taking other medication
Helpful Tips from Mulligans Pharmacy
  • There are sugar free treatments on the market for diabetic patients. Visit your nearest Mulligans Pharmacy to speak with one of our pharmacists.
  • Mouthwashes and gargles should not be swallowed and should not be used by children.
  • Hot drinks can have a soothing effect on the throat.
  • Sucking a lozenge or pastille can produce saliva which can help lubricate the throat.
  • Local anaesthetics can cause numbness and care should be taken with hot drinks.
  • Soothing syrup such as Glycerin, honey and lemon can help soothe sore throat.
  • Lozenges are more effective that mouthwashes due to longer contact time
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