Teething is a painful process for most babies, although some babies don't experience pain at all. A baby's first tooth will probably appear when they are aged between six and seven months, although teething can start as early as three months of age. A teething baby may cry for no obvious reason and may also drool excessively or spend a lot of time chewing on toys. Their gums can become sore and they may lose their appetite for solid foods. They can also develop a minor rash on their face, have a slight fever or have trouble sleeping.

Choline Salicylate: is a local analgesic which is used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation on sore areas of the mouth. It can be used from 4 months of age.

Paracetamol: is an effective painkiller, it is available in liquid and suppository form. It can be used from 3 months of age.

Ibuprofen: is suitable as a pain reliever and is also an anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of teething pain. It is suitable for use from 3 months of age and is available in liquid and suppository form.

Chamomilla: is a homeopathic product, available in a sachet form and is suitable from birth.
Visit your doctor or pharmacist:
  • If the infant is suffering with a high fever or has diarrhoea and vomiting
  • If the infant is not feeding properly
  • If the infant is on any medication or has any medical condition
Helpful Tips from Mulligans Pharmacy:
  • The most effective way to treat teething pain is to use a combination of a topical and an oral analgesic
  • There are many paracetamol products on the market. Talk to your pharmacist to ensure that your baby is not receiving an excessive dose from multiple products.
  • Read the instructions carefully and always check the dosage and minimum age of usage for all medicines before giving them to your baby.
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