Green Angel Sunrise Magic Body Smoother 400g

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Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother with natural salt, Lemon, Grapefruit, Irish seaweed extract  and now with added Argan Oil

This Body Smoother helps to invigorate, restore energy and refresh you completely.  It will enhance the elasticity and smoothness of your skin while the natural salts will exfoliate thus eliminating dead skin cells. The natural oils will helps to heal and protect, nourish dry tissue and preserve your skin’s natural moisture. The rich minerals will condition and soften all skin types. 
  • Excellent for removing traces of worn false tan or to prep the skin before applying tan.
  • Results are noticeable after just one treatment; your skin will feel super soft, hydrated and vibrant.
  • The beautiful fragrance of our Sunrise Body Smoother is both uplifting and fresh and will leave you feeling revitalised.